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Find out Why These Glass Shotgun Slugs Are Police’s Worst Nightmare


You might think that firing something made of glass out of a gun wouldn’t work very well. The guy who made these glass slugs did a very good job, however — and there are nails in the center. As if a 12-gauge needs to be more dangerous.

YouTube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS encourages its viewers to send in handmade ammunition to practice shooting with.

In their latest video, one viewer called Sam decided to create glass shotgun slugs and send them in. Essentially they wanted to see whether they would survive the intense shock of being shot out of a gun and hit what they’re aiming at.

As the video rightly says, these shotgun shells really are anyone’s worst nightmare.

Little Boy Has a Priceless Reaction when His Girl Tells Him She Has Another Boyfriend


This boy has learned at a early age that girls lie and cheat!

From a young age some fathers, Uncles or grandfather tught their boys to not to trust or fall in love with a female. Sometimes, Women are the downfall of men. Even in the bible it was plenty of stories on why you shouldn’t trust them. For example; Eve tricked Adam into eating the fruit and Delilah snitched on Samson and had his hair cut off.

Grown Man Starts Crying As He Gets Captured by Good Samaritans After Robbing a Woman


Robbing or stealing from someone is one hell of a stupid task. You have to have to rush up to someone and fight them off in order to snatch the things way from them or rather if they are not there then you have to look around in order to not to be caught. Because of one foolish move and you will end up rotting for a long while behind the bars.

This thief had enough from doing this small crime. The thief wanted to make his way out but he was tackled and hugs tight and left in the middle of main stream for the police to catch him.

Entitlement Doesn’t Help


In this spectacle, a woman walking her dogs was barred from walking down her street due to an ongoing police investigation. This was her reaction the cops telling her she wasn’t allowed to proceed.

In this generation of people in society, there has been an increasing amount of spoiled individuals that range from all classes. Entitlement is seen in the lower class, where people expect their welfare, and feel entitled to the free hand outs. It is also not doubt seen in the upper class, where people are spoiled enough already.

There are many feminists lurking around everywhere and it is not bad to argue over something where the debate is about the rights of women over men but then again feminists too have to realize that there is always a catch to everything and that thinking that women are perfect or even at times they portray them to be far greater than being perfect is something that is a utopian image.

Jamaican Guy Ain’t Feeling His Side Piece Recording Him for the Gram


A chick took to the gram to show off her side-dude…he didn’t like that. Immediately, once the camera is turned on the lights go out and the argument ensues.

New York Man Kicks out Police for Entering His Apartment Without a Search Warrant


If the cops show up and bang on your door, most people are too scared to realize that they don’t have to let them in unless they have a search warrant. However, one Bronx man fought the good fight and fiercely kicked a whole squad of police out of his home for their failure to provide a warrant. He captured the whole ordeal while threatening to take down all of their badge numbers if they did not leave. Watch above.

Riff Raff Wants to Fight 50 Cent for $2 Million


Every game has its own drama and there’s this thing to keep the drama alive so that the audience and the fans are always glued to the ground just so they can keep the spirit of the game alive. If the game isn’t dramatic enough there are chances that there won’t be many fans of the particular game and its players. Just like cricket, football and the rest of the games in the world boxing and the likes there is hell load of drama everywhere.

This is a game that is filled with pure evil drama and this is the finale of the championship so you can imagine what would be the feelings piling up inside the players and the audience.

Pitbull Mauls Owners After They Tried to Put Sweater on Him


According to Tampa Police, a pit bull named Scarface bit its owner and two other family members at a home in Tampa on Friday afternoon when they tried to dress him in a sweater.

World has this misconception regarding pitbulls and it is that pitbull are probably the most dangerous dogs in the world. They are tempered, ferocious and possibly can inflict all kinds of harm if provoked. But that is certainly not true regarding any of the dogs in the world. Because just like a baby when you pay attention in raising a child and often due to some aspects of neglect a baby turns out to be short tempered just like that a dog is a member of the family like a child and hence any bad aspect in its nature is because of you and your training.

It takes years of practice to train any of your pets, cats, dogs, parrots or even hamsters. It takes a lot of patience and care to get the animal to do something that is not completely in its domain.

Woman with Four Kids Gets Free House from Government Yet Shows No Appreciation


Developed countries always go an extra mile to provide its citizens with the best of services as possible. These governments provide them free food and shelter and often cheques to live off on it. It is like kind of services that are provided to you free of cost unless you are not completely in a state to perform a job or work based on either of your mental or physical shortcomings. Often the government also assists families where there are minimum workers and more family members to eat off the income.

Sadly, such services are being badly abused by the citizens because many are using these services despite being completely fit and healthy to start working and earning a living on their own.

Take a Shocking Tour of Detroit’s Most Grimey Ghettos


Detroit was once a growing prosperous city where there were many jobs and industrial plants. The city began to decline in the 1950s when it lost a tenth of its population. The 1967 riots was seen as the official downfall of the city. Burning down your own city doesn’t really make a good point, but the hooligans did not care.

As people and businesses moved out, Detroit soon became an abandoned cesspool. It is perhaps the city with the worst reputation in America. The city has improved a tiny bit the past few years, as some properties could have been bought for as little as $1 minus the taxes and fees. It is hard to imagine that the US is the number one country when you see cities like Detroit. Not all is bleak as the hipsters have been pouring into Detroit.

One interesting fact is that Detroit was run by liberal politicians. Their policies led to the collapse of the city. Think twice before voting far left.

Nick Cannon Says Planned Parenthood Founder Wanted to Exterminate Black People


Nick Cannon is correct. Margaret Sanger wanted to rid the country of African Americans. Hillary Clinton has said several times that Margaret Sanger was one her heroes who influenced her most. But who did blacks love and support in this election? Hillary Clinton!

The Democrats have been supporting Planned Parenthood for decades and they perform over 300 abortions on black women a day on a 365 day basis. Go ahead and add that up. At that rate the black race will be insignificant by 2038. The Liberals are always calling the Republicans the racist party but the Democrats are doing the work that the KKK would be really proud of.

These Guys Broke into a Drug Dealer’s Abandoned Mansion and What They Found is Insane


Getting in touch with dealers without being caught is life’s toughest job to be done because you may never know when you end up meeting an undercover cop and blow up your life with your own hands. This is not a one man’s job that you start looking out for dealers on your own. You need to socialize and build the right kind of clan that ends up leading your way to the dealer.

But sometimes the people that you end up trusting turn out to stab you right in the back. Probably this is what probably happened with these Drug Dealers who are now in jail and their mansion is abandoned.