A 4-year-old Wanders into a Pro Rugby Match, What Happens Next Had Me Cheering

There are some instances when you manage to catch a rare moment even in the middle of a heated game. This is what the video shows you. In a charity game between New South Wales and the legendary Queensland, a 4-year-old child wandered into the ground. What then followed was a rare display of cuteness and humility.

The New South Wales players added the little child into their game and gave him the ball, who then rushed into the pitch. As he began his run from one end to the other, the opposing players made a play of endeavoring to tackle him and catch him midway, while the other team tried to provide him with some cover. Finally, we saw a Queensland player carrying him till the end of the pitch and allowing him to make a score.

It probably did not matter a great deal to the players, but they did manage to give the child a rare moment of glory. It was an experience that the child would never be able to forget and would look back at it with joy. It is not often that you get to see such a display of affection and amicability between two opposing teams. This child is certainly daring and brave who intervened in a game between legends and managed to make a score against them. This is not a moment that he would ever forget or whose memory would ever dim.