A Man Was Exploring a Cave when His Dog Ran Away Scared – He Looked Through Photos Later and Understood Why

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People have this habit to explore places that are really secluded and are hidden in solitary confinements because these are the places that have a lot of stories hidden inside them and adventurists really like to explore such places and their stories. It’s like a huge maze for them or like a puzzle of them to solve and they love doing all that.

When one of his exploration dogs quietly ran out of the cave he was recently exploring Michael Glidden never knew what the dog was up to that got him either scared or just traumatized of the depth of the cave. Animals are weird because most of the time you won’t ever know what they are up to unless they actually had the ability to talk back to you. So he was just busy with his latest cave exploration when he felt his dog was up to something but it was more interested in running outside then to sick besides him inside the cave. It was later when he was going through the pictures that he had taken inside the cave that he noticed the reason for his dog to run out of the cave in such a hurry, it was that huge hibernating black bear that caught his dog’s attention.