Diy Enthusiast Turns Six Coke Bottles into an Awesome Homemade Gatling Gun

Homemade weapons are the coolest thing to invent especially for all the people who worship weapons. The easier the weapons, the better, what’s more interesting about such weapons are, they are absolutely legal! You might want to take a look at this guy’s invention.

This German dude called Joerg Sprave is a weapon enthusiast and thus he makes all sorts of DIY weapons. He has a YouTube channel where he gives tutorials on such weapons; he mostly makes rubber band slingshots and crossbow type gadgets. This one weapon he created is very very interesting, because it is made out of a COKE bottle! How cool does that sound? Sprave made a Gatling gun out of a coke bottle and it’s the coolest thing you will see.

This Gatling gun is made in a very simple way, though it is dangerous so it cannot be tried out by just anyone at home. He tied six small coke bottles together just like a chamber in a revolver, he then pumps each bottle with maximum air with the help of a bike pump. This way the bottles will be used as a reservoir for air that will shoot the barrel in which the arrow has been place, he also attaches a little valve that will help regulate airflow. This Gatling Gun is the coolest thing to make, but you just need to be very careful with it as bottles can explode.