Dude Catches Online S**t Talker at the Mall & Has Him Shook!

It really is a small world because when it comes to finding your online haters it is not much difficult to do it in the real world now. Since people have really started to suck at their online privacies. They do not know whom they are adding wither or not the person is genuine or si maybe a cop disguised as a hot woman and you never know what kind of a secret you might blow in front of them. There have been plenty of cases where criminals have actually blown their own whistle.

This guy here has somehow found the hater from the online arena here at the mall and he cannot believe what a small world it is. The guys says that this hater had been after him on facebook for a long time and this is now his turn to have a face to face game with him inside the mall. Os he chases him down to the shoe shop and tries to have a black guy conversation with him. The reason for the hate is still not obvious but it seems that the hater has some guts of facing the other guy face to face.