Dude Gets Confronted by Both of His Girlfriends

You can’t really seem to find any kind of loyalty around anywhere. Parents are not loyal to kids and they lie to them as well, kids lie to parents, cheat on at them and don’t even get started about relationships between men and women those are the most messed up relationships that exist in the world. Men and women both cheat over each other so badly that sometimes it is hard to comprehend who is giving birth to whose baby and what on earth is happening in the world over.

This man was caught up by both of his girlfriends. These Girls who just found out that they are sharing the same boyfriend got together to put him on blast. Yes, the guy had been enjoying the benefits of having a double relationship. All the material goodness, the pampering session, the love and the gifts you know all the goodies. Poor guy, he is lucky that they didn’t do any harm to him but in fact they just want this video to go viral and that it could be the end of all his ongoing relationships.