He Cuts Apples in a Completely Different Way — This is Pure Genius.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away! But sometimes you do need to visit a doctor when you cut your finger while making a bit of effort in cutting your apples. But this simple trick will keep the doctor away completely! Often when we feel like taking something healthy for lunch to work, the easiest way that seems is to grab an apple, but the problem arises when you can’t cut it because it will be oxidized and will turn brown and that’s not so appetizing, but these tricks in the video will help you with just about that!

This simple apple cutting technique, saves your fingers from bleeding, keeps your apple fresh, and saves a whole lot of time and not to forget it makes half the mess than cutting an apple the traditional way would take. Instead of cutting the apple by the sides one by one, it is much easier to make an imaginary grid like a tic tac toe and cut it while holding it firmly, this way the apple remains in shape and if you want to carry it for your lunch then you can easily put a rubber band around to keep the pieces intact, this way the pieces aren’t exposed to air and thus, they remain fresh for a longer period. Watch the rest of the video for more amazing tips.