Hilarious: Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank!

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How fast would you run if you had a mutant giant spider dog running at you in the wee hours of the night? Here’s how fast some people would run.
SA Wardega bring to you one of the best pranks ever. People usually love it when cute dogs come running at them, but if the said dog is giant spider dog – yeah, that does not go well. One of the most insane pranks ever, these guys dress up their dog in a real looking spider suit. Unleashing the little wrath in quiet places where only a couple of people are late at night, the spider dog manages to make guys scream just as loud as the girl.
And this gets better. The plot thickens when the spider dog doesn’t just run at the people but is initially found feasting upon a human body or a human body, terribly torn, is found wrapped in – you guessed it – spider webs.
A man is brave enough to not run away screaming upon seeing torn human body pieces wrapped in spider webs but he, too, hits the road as soon as the giant spider dog takes a run at him. We don’t blame him though, we’d be just as scared, that’s for sure.