Kid Tells on Friend After They Both Went Smoking, Smashing Windows and Stole from Stores!

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What is this generation coming to…a police officer catches two small kids, who are not even twelve years old, fully indulged in crime. Who knew small kids were such criminals?

A police officer goes to two small kids and asks them to step out of the store. One of the kid instantly removes a can of RedBull from his pocket and denies he was ever stealing it. Upon getting the kids outside, the police officer inquires about the actual crime they were caught in: breaking another store’s window glass. The kids were caught on a security camera tape, but they deny they ever did it. The RedBull can kid keeps denying it but the other kid immediately starts crying. Left with no option, the police officer goes to handcuff them until their parents arrive. When handcuffing the other kid, the police officer finds a hidden candy bar in his sleeve, as well as a lighter and cigarette. The kid denies all claims against him but the proof on him tells another tale.

So, parents, keep an eye out on your kids, you do not want to be ones going to the police station to bail out your eleven year old son.