Man Wakes Up in the Middle of Skydiving

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Friends are a man’s lifeline. No matter how bad you be to your friends and whatever you do to just throw them away, good friends simply plan on coming back towards to you. They would do all kinds of crazy stuff to get you be more normal after a rough situation or they would makes things easier for you if you are going to the station at the back of the officer’s seat. A best friend makes sure he is there right next to you when in trouble.

This guy’s friends promised to make his birthday the best for him and also a bit of shocking too. So just like everyone else when this guy also drank tons of beer and liquor and decided to go all wasted for the rest of the evening, the friends took him all the way in a car to the semi airport and got him dressed for the surprise of his life. What was he expecting when he would have woken up by himself? Maybe a huge gift, or some hooker, or any tiny life saving surprise and what he got was a total shock. The guy eventually woke up on his way down to the ground after he was being thrown from the plane miles away from the ground. Luckily, he wasn’t thrown alone he was in fact along with an instructor.