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Michael Brown Murder Scene Art Exhibit Opens in Chicago

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The word art is being used a lot nowadays and it really should be because even the greatest minds of the world today think that the whole situation of war and terror can change with the help of art. Unfortunately, the sad part is that people don’t really have any idea what art actually is. In fact, most people think that art means paintings. I’ve even heard people say that Mona Lisa is art and that is just plain stupid. The thing is, the world needs to realize where we’re headed and to understand that art is very important. What art really means is to portray your wildest emotions in the depth of colors or a situation. Situations aren’t only meant to be shown differently. You can also portray situations in the form of art. This can be done with colors or it can also be done in a different and funky way. Want to know about that funky way? We’ll tell you.

There was an art exhibition in Chicago a few months ago. The art exhibition portrayed not only paintings but different scenes in the world that have occurred including the biggest tragedies 9/11 and the biggest wins like the capturing and killing Bin Laden. But the masterpiece was how it portrayed one of the biggest conspiracies that still roam our minds. Yes I’m talking about the shooting of Michael Brown. The shooting of Michael Brown was probably the most weird conspiracies which is portrayed excellently here.