One of the Dumbest Criminal Ever Gets Charge with Stealing a Dolphin Jersey and Wears It to Trial

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I wonder why do people have to shoplift in the first place. Its not like they cant live without that new purse or a soft toy, a lipstick or even a tshirt. You have got like everything, ok if not everything but most of it and you still find it better to steal to fulfill one of your stupid dreams of owning something better than what you already have maybe like a good ring.

This guy might be the epitome of dumb people or maybe so unlucky that he had to wear the same shirt to the courtroom for which he got arrested. I mean is it just bad luck or was the guy really a big round piece of dumbness? It felt to me that the judge was also laughing at some point where she couldn’t resist his level of mental awareness and maybe his need and the reason he might have been giving for being able to steal at first and then present himself in the same tshirt. For me it is the worst act of karma that could have been played with him throughout his life. Hope he gets bailed before he gets to go to jail in the same shirt.