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White Guy Pulls off a Crazy Shoplifting Prank


Did you ever come across a wild argument that ticked off at a supermarket or at a shop? The sight seems quite terrifying because, often at times such incidents end up into firing catastrophies.

The video clearly shows a white guy following a black guy, what a great racist setup. The white gut approaches him from behind and starts yelling in his seemingly European accent that, ‘Why did you steal?’ The black man looking all puzzled, starts defending self. In minutes you can see the entire supermarket coming to a halt and a few filming the scenario as well. The pranksters original videographer himself is behind the counter and is filming the entire incident from a far. They are wearing proper mics though, just to give the best audio quality.

With that constant yelling and defending, the black guy earns an extra black defender as well. He quickly gets in between the two and tries to separate them. The video sure is as racist as it may seem. But the twist is at the end of the video when the white guy slits open the black guy’s shirt and later his shorts. Stripping him down in the middle of the supermarket with a pack of chips stuck with his tummy. What a charm, innit?

Scary As Heck: Killer Clown 3 Prank!


What the heck will you do if you ever found a 6 feet tall clown, dressed aggressively, holding a huge sledgehammer and has just busted a guy’s head? You will run the hell out of there, won’t you?

Well these scary clown pranksters have been shooting these frightening series of late night on street attempts of scaring casual street walkers. Who don’t have a dime’s clue of what is about to happen with them. Whither they are in a group of 8, or 2 or just alone. These clowns won’t spare you your life. This time it’s not even one but two of them, the famous killer clown with his scary little uncle.

They sure make them boys scream like teeny girls and make them run around no less than those girls, either. At times, it’s not even funny. The guy standing all alone on the tiny bridge sure got a freaking treat. And guess what, the pranksters didn’t even have a hammer at that time, just those harmless violins.

OM*G, OM*G, was what that poor chap had to scream while runnig away from his own car that was being dumped with what supposedly looked like oil, but we’re sure those pranksters had it covered with water.

Love Triangle: This Great Dane Protests at Owner’s Ignorance for Love


A dog is truly a man’s best friend. It enjoys lying next to its master, comforting at time of need, rushing to pick up the daily newspaper and enjoying that lovely rubbing and scrubbing all day long. But who knew this best friend can turn out to be so possessive when it comes to get their love.

This Great Dane Daisy is no way accepting the sight of its fellow Dane RuRu being belly scratched by its owner. She is in fits and quite uncomfortable just to sit back and stare at all the love being transferred to fellow RuRu. She growls, howls, rubs her nose and even calls out something that sounds like ‘I love you’ just to get her owner’s attention.

The owner, both the dad and mum enjoys how she pleads daddy to give her, her turn for love. Nope, daddy calls out again and again that she’s got to get back on the couch and act mature because RuRu has the right to some love as well.

What silly Daisy does at the end is hilarious. After multiple attempts to get her daddy’s attention Daisy finally acts a little, all dead. What a fun sight to see.

This is Why Boys Should Never Handle Big Guns!


Fools, fools all the way. You will be meeting tons of such fools throughout your life. Man, you’ll regret doing that each time.
You know what the problem with fools is, that they don’t know who they are. For them they are the ultimate geniuses. Like the one you can see right here in this video. This crazy guy thinks he has the hand of Thor or a Hulk may be that he attempts a stunt of 1 handing a .44 magnum. Are you serious boy? Just with one hand? You do know right that, ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’?

Three cheers for you man, you pull out such an amazingly foolish stunt. Did you see how great it pulled out? Did you? With that presumably black eye you might have had after the gun backfired and hit you right in your face. Shoot! That must have hurt badly. With a video captured of you getting hit that bad, I’m sure it will hurt for quite a while, not just physically.

Point is brother, you a hulk or ain’t one; you have to know the basic rules of science. But I guess karma gives you a one good lesson before you even think of attempting such foolishness again.

Hilarious: Old Man Turns Up on Subway Train when Someone Steps on His Feet!


If someone steps on your feet, what you will feel? Probably, you will get hurt physically. A scenario like this is normal especially if you are in a public place with many people. If you are staying in a public place like in subway train then there is a high tendency that you might get hurt when someone steps on your feet or you step on someone’s feet. Physical pain can relatively make someone feel angry. If you are the one who caused pain on someone then it is essential that you apologize to the person you’ve hurt. You need to ask apology in a nice way and say that you did not mean to do it. If you will say it in a nice way then there is a high tendency that he or she will forgive you.

But that thing did not happen to a man inside the subway train. The man got hurt when someone accidentally steps on his feet. But the angry man was not able to recognize the person who stepped on his feet. The man got angry because the person who stepped on his feet never say anything even a simple ‘’sorry’’. The man even got angrier because it seems that he really got hurt.

The video is all about the man who is freaking out inside the sub way train because someone stepped on his feet and he did not receive an apology from the person who did it. The video greatly shows that such accident usually happens in public places like sub way trains. The worst thing is that the man made a scandalous action like shouting inside the sub way train because he felt hurt when someone steps on his feet and the person who did it never ask for an apology to him which made him angrier.
The angry man acquired the attention of other sub way passengers because he kept on shouting and saying undesirable words pertaining to the person who stepped on his feet. Some passengers are not reacting to the man’s reaction. Most of them are just watching and just waiting for the man’s next actions. No one even attempted to talk to the angry man.

A subway passenger took the video of the man freaking out in the train when someone stepped on his feet accidentally. In the first clip of the video, you will see the picture of the person who took the video. Behind his back, you will see the angry man. The video of a man who got angry when someone stepped on his feet greatly manifests that there are some people who are very brave to express their feelings. The man deserved to have an apology but it seems that with the reaction he expressed, for sure, the person will hesitate to ask for an apology. You can also see in the video that some of passengers looked and felt annoyed with the reaction of the man.

Worst Ways of Waking Up People (compilation)


The usual way of waking up a person is through shaking them and calling out their name until that person wakes up. But there are many people who love waking up their friends and even their love ones the worst possible ways they can think of. They love the reactions of the people they wake up and realize that they have been a victim of a prank in the middle of their sleep.

This video is a compilation of the worst ways of waking up people and how the prank-doers have fun as their victim wakes up from their deep sleep.
On the first clip, you will see a man trying to remove the blanket of his friend without waking him up. As soon as he removed the blanket, he splashed a bucket of water on the face of the man and laughed as the other man jumps off the bed totally wet.

With the next clip, you will see a girl sleeping and then the camera shifts to a person wearing a mask and is holding the camera. The masked person pulled the blanket over while the woman is also turning and screamed as she sees the masked person. Unfortunately, she did not only wake up screaming but also fell from her bed.
The next 2 clips were almost the same as the person woke up because of the sudden shouting of another person. Another video shows a man sleeping on the top of a table and then another man comes in holding cymbals and went near the sleeping man then suddenly bangs the cymbals. The next video was a guy wearing a horse head and then proceeds to the room of the sleeping person and whines loudly to wake up the other man.

All of the next clips were really fun pranks to watch on what your friends and other people around you might do as soon as they notice you sleeping soundly on one corner. Another prank included in the compilation is a kid sleeping on a couch and then a man placed a shaving cream on his hand and tries to tickle the kid’s nose while sleeping. As soon as the kid feels the tickling on his nose he suddenly slaps it with his hand with the cream on it and ended with the shaving cream on his face.

The compiled videos were really funny as the victims were soundly sleeping and all woke up after a prank has been played on them. It may not be a good feeling to wake up after someone has disturbed you but a victim can always do the same to the person especially when they caught them sleeping on a corner.

Most of the victims in the videos just laughed after and who knows what they did to the person who did the pranks right? With many pranks that can be done while you are sleeping, you better lock the door in your room or sleep in the appropriate time and place to make sure that you will

Giving Bouncers a Taster of Their Own Medicine!


Karma! What comes around goes around! Watch this guy give bouncers a dose of their own medicine!! Watch him test the limits of these bouncers on film!! This guy must be crazy because there’s no way we’d try some of these monstrous sized men!! Don’t try this! LOL!

Video Courtesy of Elliot Kurjan

This Guy is a Legend: Dude Talks His Way out of an Arrest Even After Getting Tasered!


What in the world!! If only it were this easy for all of us!! Watch this guy become a legend as he talks and prays his way out of an arrest!! He even calls out Yaweh! His prayers must’ve been answered because after he gets tasered he takes off running and doesn’t get caught!!

This Man Literally Caught a Monster!


A man landed a gigantic catfish in the depths of Italy’s Po River. This enormous cat fish looked like it must have been around with the dinosaurs. It actually seems like a monster. This video features a man and his team mates catching a monster which is weighed about more than 200 kg. The men are making casual talk and eating some fast food while the man with the fishing rod struggles to pull the fish up to the surface. It is a long struggle, but after watching the monstrous fish, the brawl seemed to be worth it.

In between, he stands up and tries to spin the reel in, but the strain on the rod made it difficult for him to do so. His friend also offers him a bite of the bread. It is quite surprising to me that the fishing rod did not snap into two even with the heavy strain on it.

After a long wait, the fish finally made it to the surface and it looks huge and heavy. The cameraman starts to take pictures as the fish tries to get away, but the man does not let it go. He pulls the ginormous fish with the rod’s wire onto the boat and whoops in excitement. It took a 40 minutes hard fight for him to catch this monster. Later, He cleaned the fish and took some pictures before letting it go back in the river.

Video Courtesy of Catfishing Around the World by Yuri Grisendi

How to Get Free Mcdonald’s at the Drive-thru


You always wish that there might be a day when surprisingly there will pop up some free food sponsored by someone and you also wish that there is no scene of being helpless and homeless at that point. It simply is a matter of someone giving away free food. So this guy here who is an amazing French guy making all sorts of videos is teaching us all what it is to steal food for free from mc Donalds drive thru.

According to him the best way is to get between two cars as this is the only way how the trick will work. Secondly when it is your turn to go the payment window all you do is that you say you haven’t ordered anything so you’re not paying. How this thing works is that people there know that sometimes people decide to get to drive thru but cancel their plan to have food that instance. Next step is just to move on to the order window and wait for the guys behind to order so that you can quickly gulp down their food. This is exactly what he did and he got away with the free food within minutes.

Watch This Crazy Jeep Driver Drives Up the Ramp of a Trailer and Fly over It


Dukes of hazard style jump over a truck on the side of the road. You know you all have wanted to do this before. Here is the reason why not!!! – They say that the guy may have been drunk… Ya I would think so…

Video Courtesy of REST licensee

Prisoner Attempts to Escape Through the Toilet….head First!


Epic fail!! Crappy idea gone wrong! Watch this criminal try to escape prison head first down a toilet commode! What was this guy thinking? You would think common sense would tell him that this would not work. This is clearly piss poor effort! We’ve seen a lot of creative ways people have escaped prison but this just isn’t one of them!

Video Courtesy of KZR News