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Pranksters Make Homeless Guys Arm Wrestle for Money


They’re back at it again!! Watch these pranksters give away 100s of dollars for arm wrestling!! This video will definitely change the way you look at life!! Its great to know there are truly some great samaritans out there!!

Video Courtesy of ModelPrankstersTV

This New Trend That Has Recently Gone Viral is Really Messed Up


Kids at times invent the weirdest of games that they themselves have no idea about. They simply start one thing, that leads on to playing another and 2 hours later they all have just mutually invented a whole new game. Just like that one after the other starts playing the game and by the end of the week or summers it has become an official game that shall now spread globally.

These bunch of black kids have invented one game known as ‘Put em in the coffin’, yes as sleazy as the name sounds the game is far more pathetic than the name. Similar to how a man is placed inside a coffin, the kids embrace them in the same position and then simply jump over peoples’ properties as if it is no big deal. They are doing the game over cars parked in the parking lot, they are ruining their hoods and they are also doing it inside marts and ruining their properties as well. Look at their faces and then watch them ruin all the things. Nobody literally cares about what these teens are supposed to be doing right now other than doing all these pathetic pranks.

Ultimate Close Call Compilation!


Talk about a second chance at life!! Watch these near death experiences as people behave recklessly but are given a second chance at life! People not looking while crossing the road and sliding down mountains are just some of the daredevilish things in this video! Some people just chose to risk their lives others had no idea it was coming! This video is packed with crazy stuff that was caught on camera!! Have you ever been involved in a near death experience?

Video Courtesy of Fail Army

This is How You Handle Road Rage Like a Boss!


Talk about psycho!! Watch to see road rage at its finest handled like boss! The guy goes ham because someone accidentally ALMOST rear ended him!! Guy hops outta his car and confronts the guy who almost hit him! Things don’t stop there though! He kicks and bangs on the car and tells the guy in the car to get out of the car and fight! Eventually, the police are called to the scene but that doesn’t stop this psycho jerk! Nobody was injured or killed so we have to ask, was it really that serious?

Video Courtesy of Sonido Razon

Kansas City Police Officer Challenges Kids to a Dance Battle!


What in the world? These police officers are in some random hood battle dancing with kids! We don’t know what type of dancing this cops is doing but he loses to the neighborhood kids! It must be illegal to be that bad of a dancer because the cop’s dancing was terrible! Despite the cop’s horrible dancing, its pretty awesome that the cop is taking the time out his day to hang out with kids who probably feared police officers. Watch this battle which involves pop locking, ticking and break dancing!!!

Who said cops couldn’t be cool people anyways???

Video Courtesy of the Kansas City Police

Woman Attacks Cat, Cat’s Reaction is Crazy!


What comes around goes around! Watch this video to see karma come back on this lady!! Random lady is caught on surveillance camera kicking snow at a cat!! This cat is no wimp, the cat attacks the lady and prances on her like a tiger in the jungle!! Didn’t this lady know that cats are feisty!? She bothered this cat for no absolute reason. Did she deserve this cat attack?

Video Courtesy of WJBK | FOX 2 News Detroit

Girl Jumps out of Moving Car to Make It Look Like Her Boyfriend Threw Her Out!


When your girl is this crazy and saying she going to call the cops because you hit her, take your phone out and record her. If it weren’t for this guy taping the whole incident he probably would have went to jail. She should be charged for trying to ruin that man’s life.

Police Officer’s Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying!


An act of kindness from one special Police Officer/Marine back home. A sad story but letting people know that not all police officer’s use their badge in arrogance. And that military soldiers should be given respect at all times.

Video Courtesy of jiffyfletch

This What Happens when the Public Sees a Woman Abusing a Man


Wow! We couldn’t believe our eyes!! Domestic abuse is not condoned no matter if the victim is a man or woman. In this video, when the man is abusing the woman, onlookers intervene and one lady even offers to call the cops. When the abuser roles are reversed and the woman is literally beating up the man, none of the onlookers react. This is really sad.


Video Courtesy of ManKindInitiative

Teen Boy Gets Afraid of Jesus Symbol


The Christian faith is a worldwide belief that this has been the foundation of people’s everyday living. This is why it is such a strange happening to see someone run away from tangible objects that symbolize the Christian faith. And to judge this action means only two things. Either the boy is an anti Christ or he is possessed by demon, as other say.

The boy in the video looks like an ordinary teenager with his modern stuffs and he holds nothing in his features that is eye catching or even a simple sign of being out of ordinary. However, the strange thing comes when he runs off after seeing a necklace depicting Jesus at the cross. How can this event be explained especially when the boy seems really afraid of the object?

People got curious of the video that they have supplied different explanations for the boy’s action. And the most prevalent answer is that the boy is possessed. Yet, is this phenomenon still true today?

Generations have passed and with the modernization that the world is now experiencing, the issue of being possessed by demons seems to be preposterous now. People of today only believe on what is proven by science and with factual evidences. But no one can really say that there are no more lingering spirits on earth such as the spirit of the demon.

Cities may be free of these because of the hassle bustle that it has. But in rural areas, especially those far flung regions have this occasional happening. Mostly, those who are possessed by evil spirits show some signs of being afraid of anything that is connected to Jesus. They also act like the devil himself with their voices changing as if it comes from the underworld. They don’t have knowledge about their own selves. And it takes time and for some great exorcism to actually eliminate the bad spirit that possessed a person.

However, in the case of the teenager in the video, he did not show any sign of the possessed people except that he acted totally afraid of the cross necklace. Would that action be really called possession or there is just something that runs inside the boy’s head? He may have just mistaken the object by something he is afraid of or he has just developed a trauma from the necklace because of traumatic experience. No one can say so it is not right to attribute his action towards something that is horrible.

This is what most speculators get wrong about. No one knows the whole story except those who have actually experienced it. And since the boy seems to be just a natural and an ordinary teenager, it doesn’t seem right to say that he was possessed. This might just add to his traumatic experience. This must be a lesson learned by spectators.

Judging by the looks of things is what caused common disputes because of misconceptions. This is why, before branding someone with ridiculous things, better learn the whole story first, especially when the story is going to be publicized.

Hot Chicks Taking Up for Nerd


Will a hot girl go out with you when you are a nerd? Of course not! A lot of girls today, especially those “hot one” will not go out with a man who is certified nerd. If you are one of many nerd people you don’t have to worry as today there is a trick available which can help you meet or pick up hot girls in just a matter of a minute. The video Hot Chicks Picking Up for Nerds will help you know more regarding these tricks.

If you are not the best looking main in the neighborhood, just relax, perhaps you have seen that you are alone in this kind of issue. There are lots of men who are in the same situation like you, and even if they have begun off with the words” I could never meet a hot girl” thinking, sooner or later you will start to see the solution and followed it to hot heaven.

If you are a nerd or overweight, have main physical issues or flaw or any impediment, it’s not the end of your life or the end of the world for you. All you have to do is to know the best way to get around your flaws and drawback through making for some other way. Speaking of other way, the video Hot Chicks for picking up for nerds is indeed suitable for you.

Of course you cannot go directly to the sexy or the hottest girl in his room and ask for something either know her name, contact information or cell phone number. Rejection sting and could make a guy shyer which you may have been prior to taking a step. No, Hot Chick for picking up for nerds shows a technique on how to meet hot chicks without the possibility of rejection. You have to practice your strategy and develop your confidence prior to approaching any hottest woman with an assurance that you will leave with her the time you met and have her shouting your name louder that this hottest girl will never forget for the rest of her life.
The video entitled hot chick for picking up for needs will help you know the level of your appeal, how to choose hot women according to your ability or level and at the same time how to alter your personality characters in order that you could move forward to all that you want.
With this video as well, you will know and discover what it takes to meet and pick up a hot chick and make a discussion in order to keep this sexy girl interested and make her want you.

Hot chick picking up for nerd is getting viral in various online website. If you are experiencing difficulty in picking up girls particularly those with perfect body, you don’t need to fret instead you need to find ways on how to do it. Watching the video Hot chick picking up for nerd will greatly help you the secret behind picking up hot girls with so much effort.

Giving to People Who Give


Individuals have their own battles. The degree of complexities they are suffering is diverse but individuals still try to give a helping hand to those who are in need despite the needs they are also experiencing. This video is definitely a representation of individuals’ generosity and passion to help a person who is homeless and unfortunate.

This is actually a prank video that will turn the story upside down. Those who will be sparing some change to his homeless man will be receiving $ 20 for their generous act. As you watch the video, you will notice that some never pays attention to the welfare of this man while others selflessly stop and grace the amount a humble amount that they can offer.

It is even more touching to see another man stop by this young guy who is playing homeless and utter a short prayer. A prayer wishing that this man would hopefully find a job and a safe place to stay. It feels great to see people like that who spare their time to reach out on the homeless whom they encountered along the road. This video marks giving to individuals who give. It is about time to give back something for their generous effort.

You have probably seen videos like these, but this one is really life changing. Giving back to individuals who selflessly give can truly make you feel great. The whole concept of this video is completely original and genius. No videos about giving to individuals who give have been featured in a way this video was presented. Some individuals take prank videos negatively and when it comes to this video, it cannot be avoided that individuals will have diverse reactions about this.

The best thing about this video is that it showcases the genuine meaning of giving. It reminds people that despite own complexities in life, they can still manage to give and share to those in need. Even a little amount can mean something especially to those who needed it most. This prank video certainly drives mixed emotions. Those who are homeless can definitely relate to the pain and suffering of having no home to accommodate them.

Giving money to homeless individuals you come across the street is a positive attitude. Givers deserve to be paid back for their goodness and this is what the video is all about. Making this video has earned different comments and feedbacks from online viewers but despite the differences on how individuals perceived this video, the man who had played homeless feels great and proud making this video. This somehow gives gratitude to those individuals with generous heart and concern for other people who are in a difficult situation.

This video is can now be accessed online and several individuals are now viewing this. You will notice in this video that there are really those who feel great in giving while others do not even bother to stop and spare some amount. Individuals are certainly different from one another but it pays that the act of giving and sharing still prevail.