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Hot Chicks Taking Up for Nerd


Will a hot girl go out with you when you are a nerd? Of course not! A lot of girls today, especially those “hot one” will not go out with a man who is certified nerd. If you are one of many nerd people you don’t have to worry as today there is a trick available which can help you meet or pick up hot girls in just a matter of a minute. The video Hot Chicks Picking Up for Nerds will help you know more regarding these tricks.

If you are not the best looking main in the neighborhood, just relax, perhaps you have seen that you are alone in this kind of issue. There are lots of men who are in the same situation like you, and even if they have begun off with the words” I could never meet a hot girl” thinking, sooner or later you will start to see the solution and followed it to hot heaven.

If you are a nerd or overweight, have main physical issues or flaw or any impediment, it’s not the end of your life or the end of the world for you. All you have to do is to know the best way to get around your flaws and drawback through making for some other way. Speaking of other way, the video Hot Chicks for picking up for nerds is indeed suitable for you.

Of course you cannot go directly to the sexy or the hottest girl in his room and ask for something either know her name, contact information or cell phone number. Rejection sting and could make a guy shyer which you may have been prior to taking a step. No, Hot Chick for picking up for nerds shows a technique on how to meet hot chicks without the possibility of rejection. You have to practice your strategy and develop your confidence prior to approaching any hottest woman with an assurance that you will leave with her the time you met and have her shouting your name louder that this hottest girl will never forget for the rest of her life.
The video entitled hot chick for picking up for needs will help you know the level of your appeal, how to choose hot women according to your ability or level and at the same time how to alter your personality characters in order that you could move forward to all that you want.
With this video as well, you will know and discover what it takes to meet and pick up a hot chick and make a discussion in order to keep this sexy girl interested and make her want you.

Hot chick picking up for nerd is getting viral in various online website. If you are experiencing difficulty in picking up girls particularly those with perfect body, you don’t need to fret instead you need to find ways on how to do it. Watching the video Hot chick picking up for nerd will greatly help you the secret behind picking up hot girls with so much effort.

Giving to People Who Give


Individuals have their own battles. The degree of complexities they are suffering is diverse but individuals still try to give a helping hand to those who are in need despite the needs they are also experiencing. This video is definitely a representation of individuals’ generosity and passion to help a person who is homeless and unfortunate.

This is actually a prank video that will turn the story upside down. Those who will be sparing some change to his homeless man will be receiving $ 20 for their generous act. As you watch the video, you will notice that some never pays attention to the welfare of this man while others selflessly stop and grace the amount a humble amount that they can offer.

It is even more touching to see another man stop by this young guy who is playing homeless and utter a short prayer. A prayer wishing that this man would hopefully find a job and a safe place to stay. It feels great to see people like that who spare their time to reach out on the homeless whom they encountered along the road. This video marks giving to individuals who give. It is about time to give back something for their generous effort.

You have probably seen videos like these, but this one is really life changing. Giving back to individuals who selflessly give can truly make you feel great. The whole concept of this video is completely original and genius. No videos about giving to individuals who give have been featured in a way this video was presented. Some individuals take prank videos negatively and when it comes to this video, it cannot be avoided that individuals will have diverse reactions about this.

The best thing about this video is that it showcases the genuine meaning of giving. It reminds people that despite own complexities in life, they can still manage to give and share to those in need. Even a little amount can mean something especially to those who needed it most. This prank video certainly drives mixed emotions. Those who are homeless can definitely relate to the pain and suffering of having no home to accommodate them.

Giving money to homeless individuals you come across the street is a positive attitude. Givers deserve to be paid back for their goodness and this is what the video is all about. Making this video has earned different comments and feedbacks from online viewers but despite the differences on how individuals perceived this video, the man who had played homeless feels great and proud making this video. This somehow gives gratitude to those individuals with generous heart and concern for other people who are in a difficult situation.

This video is can now be accessed online and several individuals are now viewing this. You will notice in this video that there are really those who feel great in giving while others do not even bother to stop and spare some amount. Individuals are certainly different from one another but it pays that the act of giving and sharing still prevail.

Unbelievable: Aussie Father Makes One of the Greatest Basketball Shot Ever!


From the day daddy holds her up in her arms till the day he hands her over to the second most important man in her life; Daddy owns every little thing that his princess asks him of. Buying her favorite dolls, accessories, getting invited to girly tea parties, chaperoning her to her proms, high school balls and making sure every guy not worthy of her gets kicked in his back.

Well here there’s a routine day with a routine daddy, daughter basketball game, the old daddy over there seems tired of all the game, but his spirits are sure damn high. He takes up his little princess’s challenge of bagging a shot, but by standing in the opposing direction to the net. Now that’s a trick for all the professionals. But, our mighty dad in the video didn’t care. Crème ala crème of the video is, ‘If this goes in, I won’t make you pay one more dollar for anything’.

There goes the shot, misses the net, there goes daddy’s dream of winning. But, oh wait, it touches the fence, flips back in the front and goes right through the net. Best dare ever taken by daddy in his entire life. With the middle finger up, there are no more overtimes for college funds, or for shopping mall trips.
But hey, come on, he’s her Daddy. He won’t be that rough on her anyways.

Drive Thru Counterfeit Money (magicofrahat Prank)


Ever wished you had a place named after you, or a monument? Perhaps even a road. Sigh! Not going to happen if you haven’t done something big. However, MagicofRahat comes again with yet another of his special pranks. What a magical treat for the Drive Thru employees.

The trick is simple and clean. Place the order, wait a while in the drive thru, the innocent employee with no clue whatsoever is about to happen with him/her, hands him the change and his order, obviously. Rahat swaps the normal one dollar bill with his magical dollar having a picture featured on the bill. Lord knows how he does that, since he clearly says it all, ‘Not going to reveal my trick’ at the beginning of the video. The pictures though seem to be taken, then and there.

He then calls on the employee, telling them, ‘Looks like you’ve just given me counterfeit money’. The employee definitely taken back by the fear of felony charges, hurries on to, ‘Let me see the money, please’, and there comes an array of gasps, ‘omgs’ followed by weird laughter.
Nobody’s sure how. But we’re sure of one thing, that the lady by the end of the video was sure high on something.

Lol: Girl All Zoned out on the Dance Floor!


The phrase dance like no one’s watching is usually used to boost someone’s confidence in their dancing abilities. But what happens when people take that to the head? Trust me; we never could have seen this one coming.

It appears to be some sort of school dance or something of the sorts going down here where many students are gathered in the attempt to get down like James brown. But only one is succeeding. The suspecting girl seems to be unaware of her surroundings as she literally dances like no one’s watching, as students stare and gasp in surprise. Then the base drops so to speak and she really lets loose, popping, locking, and rolling her hips; and she’s not the only one. The vibe appears to spreading like a virus as other students in the background join in, in attempt to bust a move as well.

Now, This is where it really gets good, our all-star proceeds to take off her left shoe and begins the legendary leg flapper, or… we’re not too sure what to call this dance move, but the crowd goes wild. Screams fill up the building and all eyes are on her. Some students even stop in their tracks to watch this brave young woman take on the challenge for the title Dancing Queen.

And just when you though it couldn’t get any better, it did, this young woman is a showstopper, and obviously hasn’t a care in the world for what other people may think. Her dance moves are brave, bold and most definitely unique. For most, the idea of dancing like no one is really watching is inspiring but to literally do that when there are in fact people watching, over 100 people watching, it’s only a matter of time before we all become socially incapable wall flowers. So a standing ovation is due for this bravery and that’s exactly what she gets when her groove trance comes to an end, all eyes in admirance and a round of applause.

We may never know this mystery girl, what’s going on, or why she is team #nofears but she is a living inspiration for all of us and a grand fable that we will tell to our grandchildren. So the next time someone tells you to dance like no one’s watching, screw that. Dance like no one’s watching, when the world is watching, enjoy your-self and have a good time.

Grouper Eats a 4 Feet Shark in One Bite!


Goliath grouper eating a black tip shark in one bite off the coast of Bonita Springs Florida. So basically thanks to you this little shark got eaten. If you think fishing, hunting and bullfighting are sports you are wrong. If you are not going to eat the animals you catch then do not play with them!

Hilarious: Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank!


How fast would you run if you had a mutant giant spider dog running at you in the wee hours of the night? Here’s how fast some people would run.
SA Wardega bring to you one of the best pranks ever. People usually love it when cute dogs come running at them, but if the said dog is giant spider dog – yeah, that does not go well. One of the most insane pranks ever, these guys dress up their dog in a real looking spider suit. Unleashing the little wrath in quiet places where only a couple of people are late at night, the spider dog manages to make guys scream just as loud as the girl.
And this gets better. The plot thickens when the spider dog doesn’t just run at the people but is initially found feasting upon a human body or a human body, terribly torn, is found wrapped in – you guessed it – spider webs.
A man is brave enough to not run away screaming upon seeing torn human body pieces wrapped in spider webs but he, too, hits the road as soon as the giant spider dog takes a run at him. We don’t blame him though, we’d be just as scared, that’s for sure.

Kid Tells on Friend After They Both Went Smoking, Smashing Windows and Stole from Stores!


What is this generation coming to…a police officer catches two small kids, who are not even twelve years old, fully indulged in crime. Who knew small kids were such criminals?

A police officer goes to two small kids and asks them to step out of the store. One of the kid instantly removes a can of RedBull from his pocket and denies he was ever stealing it. Upon getting the kids outside, the police officer inquires about the actual crime they were caught in: breaking another store’s window glass. The kids were caught on a security camera tape, but they deny they ever did it. The RedBull can kid keeps denying it but the other kid immediately starts crying. Left with no option, the police officer goes to handcuff them until their parents arrive. When handcuffing the other kid, the police officer finds a hidden candy bar in his sleeve, as well as a lighter and cigarette. The kid denies all claims against him but the proof on him tells another tale.

So, parents, keep an eye out on your kids, you do not want to be ones going to the police station to bail out your eleven year old son.

He Asked a Homeless for His Bucket, You Won’t Expect What Happens Next


Awww!! This brings tears of joy to our eyes!! Watch these 3 German guys make some random homeless guy’s day!! They ask to see his bucket and start singing a beautiful song! This is an amazing video!!!