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This Man Just Found out His Baby Mama Got Shot, His Response Will Leave You Speechless


Davis, a mother of two, said she was walking down the street when bullets came out of nowhere. David Stephens, who has children with Davis, said he was stunned when he heard of the shooting.

“It’s shocking news to find that your children’s mom got shot and you got to be stuck with your kids and hoping that she lives”

Ungrateful Little Boy Gets Pissed After Getting Timbs for Christmas


It is true that the people who get the most in their lives are actually the most ungrateful ones. Parents who provide their kids with every little and big thing cry out loud and wail in supermarket aisles and call their own parents with sick names and the parents think of all this as a part of growing up. It is strictly not a part of it but should be discouraged at all times.

This Christmas this family all sat down to open up Christmas presents. To open up the presents early morning is a ritual. This kid just got disappointed to see the that he received the shoes Timberlands. Watch for yourself to see his reaction.

Woman Gives a Very Important Update for People on Section 8


Developed countries always go an extra mile to provide its citizens with the best of services as possible. These governments provide them free food and shelter and often cheques to live off on it. It is like kind of services that are provided to you free of cost unless you are not completely in a state to perform a job or work based on either of your mental or physical shortcomings. Often the government also assists families where there are minimum workers and more family members to eat off the income.

Sadly, such services are being badly abused by the citizens because many are using these services despite being completely fit and healthy to start working and earning a living on their own. Since, they are getting a monthly cheque they now believe that they are entitled to receive it every other month and there is no reason for them to go out and look for a job to manage out a batter future for themselves or their families. It is sad to see that people who are able to go out and work are still doing nothing to lessen the burden of the society.

Video Reveals What a Night in Chicago Sounds Like


This might be one of the scariest video to see about a city in America because we trust so much in our police department and officers that we think nothing bad can ever happen and that we are in safe hands. It’s just a common thought that majority of the people believe in or what is being shown to the media abroad about the situation in America. but never have been the situation this scary as it is now in an urban place somewhere in Chicago.

Gun shots can be heard throught the 3 minute video, what is the reason, why is it so is still not clear, but this is how things have been for a while and 124 have been killed under this rampage.

Bernard Hopkins Loses His Final Fight of His Career After Being Knocked out of the Ring


Bernard Hopkins lost the final fight of his career on Saturday, falling to Joe Smith Jr. via TKO. The ending was strange, coming in the eighth round when Smith knocked Hopkins out of the ring.

Rules say that Hopkins had 20 seconds to get into the ring but he was assisted outside the ring and after a long delay, the fight was called in favor of Smith. Officially, Hopkins fell out of the ring and suffered an injury after a legal blow from Smith, giving Smith a TKO victory.

Leaked Video Shows 49 Year-old Mike Tyson Destroying a Punching Bag


Mike Tyson is a name that does not require any introduction. The Iron Man, as he is often called, is a good reflection as any of the kind of reputation he holds in the world of fighting and boxing. Iron Mike is almost fifty years of age; and while he may have retired some years ago, he still got some pretty good moves.

As you see the man in action in this video, it is evidence of what a master he is. Every move of his is an epitome of perfection and reflects the years he has been engaged in this activity. He understands what sort of effect his punch would deliver on which part of the body.

Homeless Family Gets Surprised with a New Apartment


People say that homeless people deserve to be living in that state because they have done nothing to improve their own lives. But truth is this is not the way how life should be everyone makes mistakes and sometimes some people pay for the mistakes of others and those are the worst kind of memories to be living with. Mostly homeless people have not chosen to be living out on the streets and they try each and every day to make things better for themselves.

It only cost a few thousands to do this for a family. Charities get millions every year to help the homeless and barely do anything.

Man Catches His Girlfriend with Another Guy, You Won’t Believe His Response


Women are far more cold hearted than any man can be. They too wildly sleep around with men even when they are married thinking their husband can never have a clue of their whereabouts, neither can they accuse her of anything if she comes home clean. Getting pregnant all of a sudden is like another story. But hello! Women aren’t stupid they know to keep the game protected and all the pills taken care of every time.

Look here when this guy walks in on her girlfriend kissing another guy he finds out that this woman has not even a bit of a shame to be guilty about it.

Woman Blast Guy She Met with a Nice Car for Living Inside a Storage Unit


Having a dodge charger doesn’t mean you have money, it means you have a car payment. She thinks like most teens. He clearly saw she was a gold digger and brought her to his smash lab. No home for you to see here.

What is Going on with Her?


Now and then, you hear about a new drug causing waves and gaining popularity among the users. The effects of drugs are never good and this new drug is not only hazardous for those who use it, but will also cause a great deal of unrest among those who are close enough to witness its effects. This video shows you the impact that this drug has on people. This drug, which has been given the name Flakka, is what you can call a zombie drug.

As eerie as the name sounds, it is rather close to the truth, which can easily be gauged from the video. The video goes on to show a girl who is simply wandering on the side of a road when she takes a whiff of the drug by her own choice. What she then portrays is what you can call insanity and is sufficient to scare the wits out of just anyone. The effects of this drug are said to be instant insanity and this video shows that it has been given the right name.

Cops Accidentally Recorded Plotting to Fabricate Criminal Charges Against Man


On September 11, 2015, Connecticut resident Michael Picard was filming a protest near a police DUI checkpoint in West Hartford. Unbeknownst to the troopers who confiscated his camera, it was rolling while they appeared to fabricate criminal charges against him. The ACLU of Connecticut sued the police officers for violating Picard’s rights.

Teen Charged with Being a Fake Doctor Arrested Again at a Virginia Car Dealership on Fraud Charges


A Florida teen previously arrested for posing as a doctor was arrested in Virginia for allegedly trying to defraud a woman while buying a car, according to the Stafford County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office. Malachi Love-Robinson, 19, from North West Palm Beach, was arrested and charged with false statement to obtain credit, obtaining money by false pretenses and identity fraud. He is being held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail on no bond.

Love-Robinson was arrested in February after law enforcement officials in Florida said he was practicing medicine without a license. Authorities in Palm Beach County said Love-Robinson was illegally operating a medical practice — complete with an office, a lab coat and stethoscope — but had no license to do so. In one instance, they said he went to a woman’s house five times after she contacted him online to treat her for stomach pains. He told her she suffered from arthritis and sold her vitamins, charging her $3,494 that she paid by check.

Love-Robinson has denied the charges, saying he never said he was a medical doctor. He claims to have a doctorate from the Universal Life Church, which sells them online for $29.95. His trial on charges of practicing medicine without a license has been delayed until November while his attorney considers a possible insanity defense, according to media reports.