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You Can Use This Simple Trick to Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter


It’s winter time, the favorite time of the year, when it snows and you just wanna go out and play in the snow, or maybe just have a family or sole adventure into the woods, everything is just great about the winter time, except one thing, cold feet! Augh we all hate cold feet, it ruins the whole essence of enjoyment because the numbing feeling can get so annoying. But who would’ve thought a dollar store sun shade will help us have fun in the snow again?

This youtuber, came up with the most amazing quick trick that will help warm our feet in the coldest of weather all it requires is a sunshade, a marker and a pair of scissors. Now you may think how can that help, but it’s very simple! All you need to do is take the sole out of your boots and place it on the sunshade that is easily available at a dollar store, next you need to mark the lines around the sole with a marker and then cut it along the lines, you will find that you have cut a piece that can easily fit into your boot. Place this piece inside your shoe, then cover it with your sole and there you have it your personal shoe insulator that will keep your feet from getting uncomfortably cold.

They Didn’t Want Their Child to Sit Near Him, but Are Shocked when They Learn Who He Really is


We are quick at making judgments especially about the people that belong to another race, we are often scared by their appearance or if they are being too friendly or sometimes, even too quite. This short anti racist film made by Nancy Spetsioti will make you reflect upon how judgmental we have become, as humans.

This short video is very thoughtful in a minute and a half the everyday racism most people have to face when living in a different country is portrayed, beautifully. The scene is set at a hospital’s waiting room, where an Indian man is sitting on the seat when a little girl with her parents walks in and sits right next to the man. The little girl is there for her post op appointment with the doctor after having a bone marrow transplant. The mother of the girl immediately becomes very insecure and asks her little one to sit on the chair she sat and seats herself in the girls chair. To which the protective husband gives her his seat and prefers to stay standing instead. The whole time the scared look and insecurity of the parents does not go away. When the doctor asks to see the family and the man both; the family becomes a lot more uncomfortable but proceeds anyway. It turns out that the man they were so scared of actually was the bone marrow donor for their little girl, while the man politely smiles at the little girl, the parents stood there ashamed. It will definitely make you think how racist we have become.

He Cuts Apples in a Completely Different Way — This is Pure Genius.


An apple a day keeps a doctor away! But sometimes you do need to visit a doctor when you cut your finger while making a bit of effort in cutting your apples. But this simple trick will keep the doctor away completely! Often when we feel like taking something healthy for lunch to work, the easiest way that seems is to grab an apple, but the problem arises when you can’t cut it because it will be oxidized and will turn brown and that’s not so appetizing, but these tricks in the video will help you with just about that!

This simple apple cutting technique, saves your fingers from bleeding, keeps your apple fresh, and saves a whole lot of time and not to forget it makes half the mess than cutting an apple the traditional way would take. Instead of cutting the apple by the sides one by one, it is much easier to make an imaginary grid like a tic tac toe and cut it while holding it firmly, this way the apple remains in shape and if you want to carry it for your lunch then you can easily put a rubber band around to keep the pieces intact, this way the pieces aren’t exposed to air and thus, they remain fresh for a longer period. Watch the rest of the video for more amazing tips.

He Tries to Rescue Aggressive Dog Chained to a Fence, What Happens Next is Truly Remarkable


Alex: off chain Off the chain: As human are full of emotions, similarly animals do have sentiments, they do feel every bit of treatment, they react as they are treated, they do feel loneliness, they can be social, they grow the way they are tackled. Considering Dogs, being the most loveable pet. It is said if you place dog in backyard, far from people, they would bark and bite more when they came infront of people, because dogs are the most energetic and full of excitement than other pets, in their excitement and fun, they don’t know how to react, so they bite and bark.

In this video this man being tackling a dog living in backyard all alone for years, it’s a chained dog. What this man is actually trying to do? Is he playing around? Let’s see why he is teasing it with things, why he is annoying it . Oops look, dog went into home, hahahaha, dog is annoyed. After 24-hours: Oh gosh, the man and Alex thr dog are friends now, so comfortable, neither it is barking, strange! it was all due to the chain that he took out from the Alex and made it free. That shows chained dogs become rigid and non-affable, that man just put its chain off, gave Alex a shower, and look how calm and cool Alex is now. Love and affection can even turn a harmful barking dog in to complete gentleman oopsss I mean gentle animal

Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew…? I Never Knew You Could Do This!


Open a bottle: The word “wine” is itself an addiction, a man being so desperate and entail to let that liquid just went through his throat, that he can’t wait for a second, its impulsive desire crouching him and at that instance, you lost up your corkscrew! What? How it would sound to you then. You will be screwed up, but wait, before you loose your temper just have a look to this most fascinating trick to open the cork of bottle.

This video shows that how you can open the cork with just a simple trick. What you need is a shoe. Oh my God, shoes! Are you serious. Firstly, remove the bottle cover, put that bottle in the shoe, fix it up, hold it carefully, that it doesn’t fall, or break off. Now just bang it on the wall, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and voila! You are done, the cork is almost out, just pull it, throw it away and crave out your thirst. Next time when cork screw is not there, just put out your shoe, go to the wall and bang! Bang!

Dad Picks Her Up from School and Finds out She’d Been Bullied. Now Watch What He Does


Children are the blooming flowers of a garden but if they are mentally tortured they would turn down and fall apart. Bullying is an intentional tormenting can leave deep emotional scars. Everyone has assets of their life, and if ask a parent what’s their asset, they would raise their finger to a kid playing with the toys, yes of course their child, all earning of their life, in their hug they find home and peace but what if their child been abusing, molested or bullied by someone, how would they feel? Same thing encounter by a father, when he came to know that her daughter been bullied, on first he had a grief to look her daughter suffering from mental torture.

A father’s love for her daughter is a junk of emotions, filled with immense care and affection, when a dad holds her hand, it’s not only a contact of two hands, it’s a promise enlightening a storm of peace, motivation and courage in your child. Telling her that you are not alone, I am there by you. In a crowd where you find no end, this poem will be a tap on your shoulder to move on my dear little girl, when someone bullies you, criticize on your skin, size or color, let that person know you are beautiful, use your wisdom, don’t lose your demons and self-confidence. Heating up a coal turns it in to a diamond, so use their criticism to heat you so high that you actually turn in to a diamond. You are my diamond, my gem, so your size and color doesn’t really matters because a diamond remains a diamond, and diamond comes in all shapes and sizes. Beauty can’t be measure because it is something to be felt with heart, so a person with a heart will find you the most beautiful by the character you hold up. God makes the most perfect things, so you are the creation of Him, so know your worth He doesn’t make imperfect things. Looks can be change, can be groom, but this ample time of your age couldn’t come back, so focus on your health and your studies, use your education as a weapon to success. Love yourself!

This Gun Commercial’s Surprise Ending Has Earned Thousands of Shares


Gun commercials are usually involving some crime scenes and fights with a lot of action but this commercial turned out to be a whole lot different, which is why it spread so quickly on the social media. The commercial goes by the name ‘wrong diner’ now many of you may wonder, but as you watch the video you will find out soon.

This man parks his car across a diner, with an evil grin on his face he wears a stocking over his head, picks up his gun and walks inside the diner, the second he steps in he loads his gun and screams, ‘Freeze!’ upon which everyone in the diner stops dead in their tracks and with whatever they are doing. To make it look a little more dramatic, the waitress drops the kettle from her hands out of fear! As the dumb mugger moves towards the counter, he trips and fells over while the crowd taking opportunity of this moment, turns their own guns towards him! Left confused, the commercial then shows a banner that says ‘Welcome Law Enforcement Expo Attendees!”. That was a creative way to advertise guns, no doubt!

A Loving Dog Approaches a Boy with Down Syndrome and Does the Sweetest Thing


An animal’ss love is the most genuine form of love one could experience. They can’t say it but they show it and make it obvious that you are their favorite person. Especially dogs, their loyalty runs deeper than any other, their love is so selfless, it indeed is the best friend a man could have.

Watch this dog in the video trying to befriend a little kid. This little kid, who has Down’s syndrome, is clearly not interested in being friends with this dog. But watch the tactics the dog uses just to cuddle with the little kid. As the dog makes a move towards the little guy, the little guy moves back obviously very annoyed, but this dog doesn’t seem to give up. Giving it’s paw to the kid and then resting it’s face in the kid’s lap, it’s the sweetest thing to watch. But the kid does not want any friends, he is just plain annoyed. The dog then sits up and hugs the kid, it even rolls over on it’s back, but the kid doesn’t seem to understand, uninterested he just gazes into empty space.

She Gets Perfect Revenge After Her Parking Spot Gets Stolen


When they say do not mess with women, you must better take them seriously. There’s no way you can win an argument with a woman OR outsmart a woman. So it’s better you better not mess with them and stay in your comfort zones, literally.

Watch this woman in the video, who did not let any man take away her parking spot. This little clip was acquired from a CCTV camera of a store’s parking lot. It can be seen as this woman drives her red Peugeot, and finds an empty spot to park; she does not immediately park away but tries to park her car in reverse. As she’s preparing to reverse her car, another man in a White Suzuki steals her parking spot. Now if I were this woman, I would have gotten out of the car and demanded the man to remove his car. But this woman turned out to be a lot smarter than this man thought. She squeezed her Peugeot in that narrow spot that was still left, but wait a minute, the two cars are so tightly packed that none can get out, but this woman has a solution for herself, her car comes with features that help her get out of the car, while the man in white Suzuki is left open mouthed.

He Isolated Himself in the Desert for 25 Years. What He Reveals Inside This Doorway? Whoa!


An artist can find his inspiration in the strangest of places. This man found his inspiration in a desert! This video promotes this 67 year olds intricate work; it is very obvious that this man’s love for art goes waaay too deep, literally!

This old man has isolated himself in a desert and he moves along digging caves in the most beautiful way. By looking at it you can never imagine it is done by a single person. This man does not need anyone’s company but his dog. With using only hand tools like shovel, scrapers etc he digs and carves out sandstones into palaces, no exaggerating! With no yearn for recognition or money, his love is so pure for art that he does this entirely for his peace and satisfaction. He says that it is not obsession, and that he likes playing with tools and sand stones and he loves what he creates. This one project he did took him 900 hours to complete it. little by little, he has started gaining recognition and he gets his commission from the nearby rich people who asked him to carve them houses or places to relax while he only charged on $12 an hour! Can you believe that? Recently his work got a lot of attention and this person decided to make a documentary on his work, which even got nominated for the Academy Awards. What he does is amazing and unbelievable.

Mom is Scared when Her Son Abruptly Tells Her to Stop the Car. then She Realizes Why…


People, who are always ready to lend a helping hand to people, are my favorite kind of people. it warms my heart to see humanity still going strong. This boy is an example of that.

This teenage boy has gained a lot of attention when his story went viral on the social media, and his momma is definitely proud of him. 18 years old, Tommy Adams is a high school senior, who recently did something that won everyone’s hearts. According to his mother, Teresa Adams she and her son were driving on the road when all of a sudden Tommy asked her to stop. Her mother did not realize why, but she stopped anyway. Upon stopping, she discovered her son had spotted a 76 year old man shoveling snow from his driveway but that’s not it, the old man had a walker with him. So her son decided to help this man and clear his driveway for him. The kid claims that he likes sports and to help people, he wants to live life the right way and helping others makes him happy! He further added that the old man could’ve hurt himself and the walker reminded him of his grandmother. His mother has raised two son’s as a single mother and she now says that I can now tell, that I raised them right!

She Knows Her Baby is Extraordinary So She Films Him As Proof for the Doubters


Oh, the things mother’s do for their little ones. And if the mom is super creative, then you’re in for a treat. Sometimes the kid inherits mother’s creative skills, and proves to be a stunning artist from the day he is born. And then such mom’s do not miss out on the chance and make sure that they put everything on the film as their little one’s grow up. This mom did the same and it left us cheering!

In this video, this little baby is wishing all of us a Happy Patrick’s day with his happy little smile and that cute little river dance, even though it’s not Patrick’s Day but who cares, yeah? Especially when this baby is kicking it off in the most super way! Ah, I’m in love with this baby, he definitely has a career in dancing, I can tell by the way he is moving his legs. The creative mom add some Patrick’s day tunes in the background, and the baby is busy dancing, this is one happy kid and not to mention, talented too. See it for yourself!