Pitbull Mauls Owners After They Tried to Put Sweater on Him

According to Tampa Police, a pit bull named Scarface bit its owner and two other family members at a home in Tampa on Friday afternoon when they tried to dress him in a sweater.

World has this misconception regarding pitbulls and it is that pitbull are probably the most dangerous dogs in the world. They are tempered, ferocious and possibly can inflict all kinds of harm if provoked. But that is certainly not true regarding any of the dogs in the world. Because just like a baby when you pay attention in raising a child and often due to some aspects of neglect a baby turns out to be short tempered just like that a dog is a member of the family like a child and hence any bad aspect in its nature is because of you and your training.

It takes years of practice to train any of your pets, cats, dogs, parrots or even hamsters. It takes a lot of patience and care to get the animal to do something that is not completely in its domain.