Take a Shocking Tour of Detroit’s Most Grimey Ghettos

Detroit was once a growing prosperous city where there were many jobs and industrial plants. The city began to decline in the 1950s when it lost a tenth of its population. The 1967 riots was seen as the official downfall of the city. Burning down your own city doesn’t really make a good point, but the hooligans did not care.

As people and businesses moved out, Detroit soon became an abandoned cesspool. It is perhaps the city with the worst reputation in America. The city has improved a tiny bit the past few years, as some properties could have been bought for as little as $1 minus the taxes and fees. It is hard to imagine that the US is the number one country when you see cities like Detroit. Not all is bleak as the hipsters have been pouring into Detroit.

One interesting fact is that Detroit was run by liberal politicians. Their policies led to the collapse of the city. Think twice before voting far left.