Teen Charged with Being a Fake Doctor Arrested Again at a Virginia Car Dealership on Fraud Charges

A Florida teen previously arrested for posing as a doctor was arrested in Virginia for allegedly trying to defraud a woman while buying a car, according to the Stafford County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office. Malachi Love-Robinson, 19, from North West Palm Beach, was arrested and charged with false statement to obtain credit, obtaining money by false pretenses and identity fraud. He is being held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail on no bond.

Love-Robinson was arrested in February after law enforcement officials in Florida said he was practicing medicine without a license. Authorities in Palm Beach County said Love-Robinson was illegally operating a medical practice — complete with an office, a lab coat and stethoscope — but had no license to do so. In one instance, they said he went to a woman’s house five times after she contacted him online to treat her for stomach pains. He told her she suffered from arthritis and sold her vitamins, charging her $3,494 that she paid by check.

Love-Robinson has denied the charges, saying he never said he was a medical doctor. He claims to have a doctorate from the Universal Life Church, which sells them online for $29.95. His trial on charges of practicing medicine without a license has been delayed until November while his attorney considers a possible insanity defense, according to media reports.