They Didn’t Want Their Child to Sit Near Him, but Are Shocked when They Learn Who He Really is

We are quick at making judgments especially about the people that belong to another race, we are often scared by their appearance or if they are being too friendly or sometimes, even too quite. This short anti racist film made by Nancy Spetsioti will make you reflect upon how judgmental we have become, as humans.

This short video is very thoughtful in a minute and a half the everyday racism most people have to face when living in a different country is portrayed, beautifully. The scene is set at a hospital’s waiting room, where an Indian man is sitting on the seat when a little girl with her parents walks in and sits right next to the man. The little girl is there for her post op appointment with the doctor after having a bone marrow transplant. The mother of the girl immediately becomes very insecure and asks her little one to sit on the chair she sat and seats herself in the girls chair. To which the protective husband gives her his seat and prefers to stay standing instead. The whole time the scared look and insecurity of the parents does not go away. When the doctor asks to see the family and the man both; the family becomes a lot more uncomfortable but proceeds anyway. It turns out that the man they were so scared of actually was the bone marrow donor for their little girl, while the man politely smiles at the little girl, the parents stood there ashamed. It will definitely make you think how racist we have become.