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This Barbershop Murder Prank Goes to Extremes

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Couple of days ago Fousey’s friend had done an evil prank on him with the paint gun and people know what are the aftermaths of getting hit by a paint gun. It hurts and even itches at different points. So when Fousey went through that pain of getting attacked by all sides by paint guns he decided it was high time he needed a comeback. So what he basically did was he used a couple of his other friends and planted a great revenge on the ones that were involved in the paint gun prank. He took them to his favorite barber’s shop and then left them there for their haircuts. After a while he popped back in with a black mask on his face and a gun in his hands impersonating as a robber and demanding money what the victim’s didn’t know was that the barber was actually involved in the scenario and when he actually hit the robber with a bullet the faces and their expressions were priceless even the screams were genuine. The best revenge to take from a man is to make him scream like a girl in public and when this video went public we bet they would be crying like girls too.