This Guy is Not Amused by His Girlfriend’s Singing

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Keeping up in a relationship is the hardest of things to do. Yes, you know that you love the person but it is not always that you love them in the same way. You feel that the feelings come and go from time to time. You often feel irritated and annoyed of them and that is natural of having a person so close to you, you tend to get overwhelmed of them at times.

So when the fiancé of this guy planned on to sing he had no idea it would turn out to be this torturous. We know most of the men watching the video can utterly relate to this situation when your bae doesn’t know she is looking fat or ugly or is getting annoying and she comes up to you asking about it and you just want to speak out the truth but the fact is that you cannot risk crossing that line or else all kinds of evil will break lose. The look on the man’s face in the background is completely sympathy magnet. We appreciate that he still seems to be there for her throughout the venture.