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This is One of the Most Creative Music Videos Ever!

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The internet is a hard deal these days as almost everything is happening out there and it is almost impossible to produce your mark for a long time in here. You need that solid one time gig that keeps on repeating itself and brings you back in limelight again and again. But finding and producing that one solid gig is not easy, you think you have hit a jackpot with thtat idea but once you start producing that sh*t you realize you have put yourself in a hell hole. On-Cue however has come out triumphant from the hell hole with this one of a kind creative social media memes based music videos. Each Meme has been introduced into the music video in such a creative and perfect way that the viewer has no clue if the meme is actually fake or was it him all the time. From Willy Wonka to Beiber’s fight with Paparazzi and the overly attached girlfriend everything is simply spot on and this video surely deserves some high end praise from the internet people, got to get to million shares and likes in a couple of days straight and maybe a Grammy or two, kidding.