This Man Comes out with Something Totally Unexpected on Live Tv

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When it comes to covering up on LIVE tv it is almost impossible to comprehend what the guest is about to say. You have to be pretty sure what it is like to be in the most vulnerable state and you don’t know what kind of bomb the guest is planting inside their mind. The anchor persons are quite tensed especially when you have comedians around at the show because much people are completely out of control and usually come into light because of a hard remark or comment they have made on such a show.
When it came to this bad guy, he took an opportunity to send in a very private and intimate kind of message to his wife of 7 years and since this was Live tv he knew it was the best time to throw the bomb right at her. The guy like a real thug mentioned to his wife with pretty much a lot of confidence to get the heck out of his life because it was high time she should have realized what he wanted of her and his life. The poor presenters were looking for corners to hide their faces in humiliation and then the obvious happens that the program goes towards the break.