What is Going on with Her?

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Now and then, you hear about a new drug causing waves and gaining popularity among the users. The effects of drugs are never good and this new drug is not only hazardous for those who use it, but will also cause a great deal of unrest among those who are close enough to witness its effects. This video shows you the impact that this drug has on people. This drug, which has been given the name Flakka, is what you can call a zombie drug.

As eerie as the name sounds, it is rather close to the truth, which can easily be gauged from the video. The video goes on to show a girl who is simply wandering on the side of a road when she takes a whiff of the drug by her own choice. What she then portrays is what you can call insanity and is sufficient to scare the wits out of just anyone. The effects of this drug are said to be instant insanity and this video shows that it has been given the right name.