You Can Use This Simple Trick to Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter

It’s winter time, the favorite time of the year, when it snows and you just wanna go out and play in the snow, or maybe just have a family or sole adventure into the woods, everything is just great about the winter time, except one thing, cold feet! Augh we all hate cold feet, it ruins the whole essence of enjoyment because the numbing feeling can get so annoying. But who would’ve thought a dollar store sun shade will help us have fun in the snow again?

This youtuber, came up with the most amazing quick trick that will help warm our feet in the coldest of weather all it requires is a sunshade, a marker and a pair of scissors. Now you may think how can that help, but it’s very simple! All you need to do is take the sole out of your boots and place it on the sunshade that is easily available at a dollar store, next you need to mark the lines around the sole with a marker and then cut it along the lines, you will find that you have cut a piece that can easily fit into your boot. Place this piece inside your shoe, then cover it with your sole and there you have it your personal shoe insulator that will keep your feet from getting uncomfortably cold.